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Recovery Is Easier With Poucharoo

  • No Sizing Necessary
  • No Safety Pins
  • Securely Holds Drains
  • Comes With a Tote Bag
  • Give a Gift Of Love

  • Price: $19.95


Poucharoo is a post-mastectomy and breast reconstruction drain holder for breast cancer treatment that safely,
securely and comfortably holds up to 4 drains. Recovering from breast surgery is made easier
with Poucharoo by eliminating the needless worry in securing post surgical drains.
Poucharoo was created , designed and evolved from the INSPIRATION and SUPPORT of WOMEN.
Poucharoo is the original patented drainage pouch.



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I did receive it and I want to thank you again for
it. I am already apart ....read more

FORCE's Mission:
To improve the lives of individuals and families affected by hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.


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